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For website owners

Would you like to use a photo or some information of the LEGO Store in a very uncomplicated way? Here you will find all the information on how developers and authors can use PABFinder 😊
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Specific Photo

If you want to include a specific photo in a post (blog, forum, etc.), you are welcome to do so. Each photo can be opened in a detail view by clicking on the upload date. There you will find the HTML or BB code. You should have a look at this example page.

Latest Photo of a Store

Using a dynamic image link, you can always display the latest photo of a store. Since the license is always included in the bottom left of the image, you don't need to mention it separately.

HTML code (for websites)

<img src="" alt="LEGO Store Pick a Brick">

BB code (for forums)


iframe Integration

If you run a forum or write an article about a specific LEGO store, you can integrate the PABFinder as a so-called iframe. This way the visitor of the website will always see the latest pictures.

This is how an exemplary integration looks like. You can customize the store, the language and the link color:

<iframe style="height: 150px; width: 100%; border: none;" src=""></iframe>

The iframe version does not use affiliate links. If someone clicks on the link to the LEGO Store in the iframe, the currently deposited advertising cookie is not overwritten.