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Where can I get more LEGO bricks?

In addition to the Pick a Brick walls in LEGO stores, you can also order single bricks online. There are several possibilities at LEGO itself and also on different LEGO marketplaces.
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Pick a Brick Online

At LEGO itself there are many bricks at the online service of Pick a Brick. Unfortunately there is only a small selection here - but offers a faster delivery time than bricks & parts.

Here you can see the different Pick a Brick pages per country:

Pick a Brick Online in Austria* Pick a Brick Online in Belgium Pick a Brick Online in Germany* Pick a Brick Online in Denmark Pick a Brick Online in United Kingdom Pick a Brick Online in The Netherlands* Pick a Brick Online in Poland Pick a Brick Online in Sweden

Bricks & Pieces

In addition to Pick a Brick Online, LEGO also offers single bricks through their customer service. At Bricks & Pieces you will find the largest selection of new LEGO bricks directly from LEGO. However, this variant is also associated with the highest waiting time.

Here are the different Bricks & Pieces pages of various countries:

Bricks & Pieces Online in Austria* Bricks & Pieces Online in Belgium Bricks & Pieces Online in Germany* Bricks & Pieces Online in Denmark Bricks & Pieces Online in United Kingdom Bricks & Pieces Online in The Netherlands* Bricks & Pieces Online in Poland Bricks & Pieces Online in Sweden


Besides the LEGO Online Shop, there are also marketplaces where individual dealers sell used and new bricks.

 BrickLink  BrickOwl