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Pick a Brick

Pick a Brick (PaB) is a concept that offers the possibility to buy individual LEGO bricks from a LEGO Brand Store. But unfortunately, LEGO offers so many bricks in various shapes and colors that only a fraction of them can be offered in the Pick a Brick walls (PaB walls).

The PABFinder wants to help to get a better overview. Since the Corona pandemic in the year 2020, LEGO stores have overview boards with the current brick selection from the Pick a Brick walls. You can easily take pictures of them and share them with LEGO fans around the world.

Using PABFinder, thanks to our community, you can now find an almost up-to-date overview of Pick a Brick walls for already many countries in Europe.

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Latest photo July 1, 2024 – Total 2155 photos – thank you! 🎉

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